Frequently Asked Questions

Attaching Pro-Tip Turbo to Pro-Tip Converter

Q How do I attach Pro-Tip Turbo to Pro-Tip Converter?

Whilst holding the converter outer sleeve scallops between thumb and index finger push the Pro-Tip firmly into the outer sleeve with one of the external ribs aligned with the dot on the outer sleeve surface. At this point twist the Pro-Tip to engage the locking feature.

Q Can I alter the air and water pressure?

If necessary minor adjustments in air and water pressure can be made firstly at the dental unit and then at the junction box regulator.

Q Pro-Tip Turbo is too tight - what should I do?

The Pro-Tip may appear dry and stiff to load at first. Place a small amount of Petroleum Jelly on the back face of the first Pro-Tip. This will lubricate the sealing ‘O’ rings. Repeat periodically to maintain lubrication.

Cleaning and Sterilising

Q How can I clean Pro-Tip Turbo and Pro-Tip Converters?

All external surfaces of the Pro-Tip converter and the 3 in 1 syringe should be cleaned with a suitable mild detergent and water solution.Following removal of the converter from the syringe clean all internal surfaces of the converter and ‘O’ rings with a suitable mild detergent and water solution.

Q Can I sterilise Pro-Tip Converters?

The Pro-Tip converter should be sterilised using a standard steam autoclave cycle to 134°C for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not use dry heat sterilisation method.

Air and/or water leakage

Q Air and/or water is leaking between the Pro-Tip Turbo and Pro-Tip Converter - what should I do?

Check that you have the correct converter – some types are very similar. Check that the ‘O’rings are not too worn – replace if necessary. The seal between tip and converter may be weak – lubricate back ‘O’ ring in converter.

O Rings

Q How do I change O Rings?

Q When should I change the O Rings?

O Rings need replacing when they are visibly worn or when air or water leaks between Pro-Tip and Pro-Tip Converter.

Q How do I order replacement O Rings?

These can be ordered from your normal supplier or direct from Astek Innovations Ltd.