Replacement ‘O’ Ring Seal Kit

Installation Instructions

Replacing the ‘O’ Ring Seals

To maintain optimum performance from the Pro-Tip system it will be necessary to replace the ‘O’ Rings after a period of time. The Pro-Tip to converter sealing arrangement is universal on all converter types and contains a black ‘O’ Ring (a) and a red ‘O’ Ring (b) (Figure 1).

Black ‘O’ Ring

Remove the black ‘O’ Ring (a) and the red ‘O’ Ring (b) with a sharp probe. Take the black ‘O’ Ring (a) and squeeze it into an oval form, between thumb and finger, and place it into the converter bore at a right angle to the cross groove so that it sits upright as shown (Figure 2).

Using a lining applicator, or another non-sharp instrument, gently push the top of the ‘O’ Ring downwards and tuck it under and into the internal seal groove (Figure 3).

Once the black ‘O’ Ring (a) is partially inserted as above, use the instrument to gently ease the opposite side of the ‘O’ Ring upwards and into the groove (Figure 4). Finally, ensure that the ‘O’ Ring is lying straight and evenly all the way round in the groove. Lubricate with a small amount of petroleum jelly to aid easy insertion of the Pro-Tip nozzles.

Red ‘O’ Ring

Place the red ‘O’ Ring into position and seat it into the groove with a non-sharp instrument.